Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Do you want to win stuff searching the net ?

As the title says, do you want to win stuff searching the net ?
Well you can !
Its easy. With the little help from our friend..Swagbucks.
Swagbucks is a site where you can search the net and win swagbucks.
With the Swagbucks you win, you can use them to claim prizes at the store.
The store has a lot of choices, from ipods, to gift cards, to coupons. It has a wide variety of choice.
Sure, you may all be thinking this is a scam site again. Well its not. Its fully legit.
Its easy to win Swagbucks. All you do is search and search. And if you are not a winner, keep searching. Everyone is entitled to win 5 times a day. So your guaranteed to win at least 1 swagbuck.
Im at 290 swagbucks right now, on my way working towards a game. Halo 3 (350 swagbucks)
Im pretty much almost there. Its only been a week so it's pretty fast.
Who doesn't like free stuff? This is really easy too ! Instead of using google or yahoo search, why not use this ? Its a win, win situation !
So sign up now and win some awesome stuff !

Heres the link if you are interested:

Sign up now and you get a free 3 swagbucks for a limited time only. So sign up NOW !
Tell your friends, your family about it. Happy searching and good luck !!!!!

Goozex- Its better than Eb Games/Gamestop (Join now and get 1 Free game !)

Do you have games that you dont play with any more ?
Why trade them to Eb/Gamestop, when you can make more what they will give you.
Goozex is a site where you can trade your games for points. With that points you can get new games !
Its fast, fun, safe, and easy !
If you ever get scammed, notify one of the Goozex admins, and they will refund your points or game. It's that simple. I've traded 5 games so far, and I got a good 1250 points for them. I used my points to get GTA IV for only 650 points, and I still have some left over, still trying to decide what else to get.
Goozex is a legit site. You'll love it. Its WAY better than Gamestop or EB games because, they dont give you as much of the value of the game than Goozex does. So try it now. Sign up today !
Sign up now and you get 100 points FREE !
With that 100 points you can get a free game worth 100 points.
BTW, multiple accounts will not work because they will store your ip address and your shipping address..
But I found a way on how to get more free games with multiple accounts..
Talk to a friend, tell him or her about it..Tell him you are going to have a free game shipped to his or her house..Use there computer, sign up with the link below..and there you have it. Another free game :)

Heres the link if you are interested:

Sign up now, tell your friends, your family, and happy gaming to all you gamers !
Enjoy !

NOTE: i have been told that the link redirects you to google.
If that is the case , leave your email address on the comments and ill email you the referred link. Or if you do not have a blog account, go to my youtube and PM me your email.
Thank you.